Jonglaria e.V. Der Tübinger Jonglier- und Kleinkunstverein

Mailing list

We have installed a moderated mailing list to inform about all meetups and interesting information about juggling, acrobatics and cabaret in Tübingen. This mailing list is public and not restricted to members of the club.

Data protection

This translation is only for your information, the legal binding version of the document is the german one. Please consider our data protection declaration. With the usage of this service you agree to the storage of the email address and optionally the storage of an attached name on our server. The storage of the email adress is required for the usage of this service. If the user enters a name when registering for this service this is stored addionally. If this (optional) storage is not in your interest, please write an Email to

jonglierinfo-owner at jonglaria punkt org

If the user writes a message to the mailing list (optional) he agrees to publish his email and possibly his attached name to the members of the mailing list. Please note that we don't have any influence on the storage of this data at the members of the mailing list. When the users finishes using this service by sending an according email to the address given below the data of the user are deleted from our server.


To receive Emails of the mailing list, please send an (empty) email to

jonglierinfo-join at jonglaria punkt org

Afterwards you will receive an email to confirm the email address (this can take some time as it is moderated). Please answer to this email without changing the content or the subject of the email.

Alternatively you can use this new web interface for the registration.

Writing an email to the mailing list

Just write an email to

jonglierinfo at jonglaria punkt org

As this mailing list is moderated it can take a while until this email is forwarded.

Leave the mailing list

Please write an email to

jonglierinfo-leave at jonglaria punkt org

If you confirm the corresponding confirmation mail the stored data is deleted.